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Welcome to Metal Detecting UK. I have been a part of this fascinating hobby for many years, resulting in many interesting finds some of which are displayed in my local museum.

Like many other metal detectorists, I decided to build my own website to share my metal detecting experiences, stories and finds. The internet has become an invaluable source of information for our hobby. I hope that as my website grows it adds to the already vast knowledge base out there in the world wide web.

My primary machine is the Minelab Etrac, Check out my programmes used & finds made using those programmes. If you have a programme you wish to share please feel free in contacting me to have your programme listed.

If you are a small business that deals in metal detecting equipment and would like an add shown as a slider image on my website please contact me and I will put an add up with a link to your shop. Free of charge.

Metal Detecting UK Top 5 Tips

  • ALWAYS obtain permission for land
  • ALWAYS respect the country code
  • ALWAYS fill in holes
  • ALWAYS remove rubbish from field & recycle
  • ALWAYS respect the Treasure Act 1996. Report finds covered by the act to the correct authorities.

A few Metal Detecting UK Tips On How To Successfully Metal Detect

  • KNOW YOUR METAL DETECTOR: Modern metal detectors are capable of great things when set up correctly but can be confusing and noisy things at first! Read the manual, know what each setting does. Look for hints and tips on the internet. Out on the fields experiment. Learn, learn, learn, it will take hours and hours until you are on the same frequency as your machine!
  • RESEARCH YOUR SITE: There are some excellent websites such as Google Earth & old maps. Get as much information about your site as you can. Use the information to try and work out where the best places to metal detect might be.
  • POSITIVE THINKING: What? Yep, go out with a positive frame of mind, it works wonders!
  • ENJOY YOURSELF: Take your time and enjoy the hobby.

Metal detecting is a great way to keep fit. Endless hours walking up and down fields. Some days finding lots, other days finding nothing! Those who persist are rewarded. Only the lucky few go out and find great things straight away. For more tips and advice visit our tips page HERE

Stay In Touch

Stay in touch with Metal Detecting Uk. Read about our finds as soon as they come out of the ground. For "Tweets from the field" follow us on Twitter HERE. Get our latest field reports by Liking us on Face Book HERE. Also see our latest finds being recovered by subscribing to us on YouTube HERE.

Special Thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my sincere thanks to all farmers & landowners who kindly allow me to use their land. Without your kind permission I would be unable to continue finding, preserving & sharing artefacts from all our pasts. Thank you.